Design & Innovation

In our intense collaboration, all our expectations were exceeded. We felt that our comments were always taken seriously and were happy to get fresh ideas. Communication was always very professional, the output was proficient and the deadlines were respected. Looking forward to our next collaboration!
Relika Stoppel Macenta Beans


  • Service Design
  • Web Design
  • Interface Design
  • Digital & Brand Identity
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Art Directing as a Service

How do we do it

Humans come first

The best products keep in mind real customers’ needs. The key to that is understanding your users, their needs, and their motivations. Through that, we can deliver engaging and user-friendly solutions that support your business goals.


Asking the right questions and going beyond obvious solutions can increase the innovation potential of your digital solution. This is a co-creation process, where we’ll use ideating methods to find better and engaging solutions for your business. 

Prototype & test

We can carry out design sprints and test your business idea in its early phase to gather insights. This will help us make better decisions, make adaptations based on feedback, and launch a better solution.