Visual Identity & Signage System Design for Saaremaa Gümnaasium

Branding & signage system for a new innovative state school Saaremaa Gümnaasium

Interviews, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Project Management


Saaremaa Gümnaasium is a new State School that is greeting its first round of students in fall 2021. We were approached to create a thoughtful identity to carry the school’s main principles – a strong belief that humanity, curiosity, and collaboration drives the best foundation for new opportunities.

Through various interviews with the students, islanders, and school board we came up with a narrative called Silmaring ‘horizon, broad-mindedness’. Who looks at the created symbol, can find 2 windows, a letter S or even a baby chick. We’re excited to see how this brand evolves over time.

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