Rebranding and Website Design for Bauhub

Building a new standard in construction with Bauhub' fresh brand and website

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web & Interaction Design


Optimizing and digitizing business processes is one of the key elements for staying competitive and relevant in today’s world. In recent years, there has been a massive shift towards digitization in the highly competitive construction business.

Building large objects is a job for numerous counterparts, starting from architects and engineers, ending with on-site construction workers. Usually, these jobs are outsourced by contractors, and the communication between all parties must be precise and as effortless as possible.

Keeping that in mind, a clever team of developers and construction specialists noticed an opportunity to improve on-site communication, and in 2016 they founded the Bauhub. It’s a software that connects every piece of information on one platform. Their team validated the concept quickly, and after four years they already had impressive client base including some of the best-known construction companies in Estonia, such as Nordecon, Merko Ehitus, Rand & Tuulberg.

While Bauhub grew as a business, they noticed an increasing need for a coherent visual brand and a marketing toolkit to solidify their presence. As they also wanted to explore new prospects abroad, they decided it was time to join forces with a professional design team to make that plan happen.

Our job was to create a visual brand that would be modern and memorable, help to attract the attention of potential new clients but also present Bauhub as a trustworthy partner and a desirable employer.


After mapping out Bauhub’s essence with their core team, we defined the character Bauhub should present – one that pays attention to detail and is a team player.

From early on, it was clear that we wanted to display the “process” as Bauhub’s visual concept. There were countless ways to show it, but the eureka moment arrived with the logo. While working with the letter B, we noticed that the simplest way to show B in a process is to show how one brick is being laid on another, creating the letter. This classic bricklaying motif gave us different graphic options. First, there is the idea that Bauhub IS the brick that makes something whole.

Secondly, we discovered that is was visually appealing to show bricks updating themselves layer by layer until the final piece is complete. With this concept fleshed out, everything else fell into place as well. To display layers we created patterns that were loosely based on textures of different building materials.

To add attention to detail, we created a custom set of illustrations and subtle animations showing the different features of the Bauhub platform.
The end result was a solid and consistent visual brand and Bauhub’s homepage was the first project where we were able to test it out.


  • Bauhub’s business and offered value is communicated much better to their target audience.
  • Bauhub has now a stronger and clearer external presence in the market and the brand communicates the fact that they are going at full speed developing their software even further.
  • Bauhub team feels empowered by the new identity, and they want to be advocates for Bauhub.
  • The new web page has generated 20% more traffic.
The fresh out of oven brand has given us new energy. There is no doubt that Bauhub is a necessary and innovative product, but now it can also be communicated externally. Our users and partners have given us a lot of positive feedback, they appreciate the fact that besides being a good tool, Bauhub also now has a face to go with the name. Another point of positive feedback is that the new website is clear and informative and even the casual visitor can now have a clear understanding of what Bauhub is about.
Teet Parts, CEO Bauhub
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