Peetri Pizza Website

A new website and online pizza ordering system for an Estonian pizza titan

Service Design, UX/UI, Technical Analysis, Development, Maintenance


Peetri Pizza was founded in 1990 and has now successfully opened around 50 pizzerias all over Estonia. They are big in the Estonian market, selling over 1.2 million pizzas per year. In 2020, they decided to take their company to another level and contacted us for help. Peetri Pizza took upon a major challenge to rebrand themselves; the project was going to be massive, and the website was just one part of it.

They needed us to help them create a new website together with a solution through which the customer could order food online, and Peetri Pizza would deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. It’s similar to other well-known food delivery services, but this solution belongs solely to Peetri Pizza.


The biggest challenge was not to create the website, but a full system where all parts communicate with each other seamlessly. We needed to create a link between the customer and the pizzeria, so that when someone orders a pizza, the pizzeria could accept the offer and display live updates on the progress to the buyer on the other side. As a final product, we created a system with three interfaces: the admin view, customer window, and pizzeria tablet view. The customer and pizzeria views constantly communicate with each other, and the admin view enables the content to be changed (and much more) on the two main websites.

Because Peetri Pizza is a franchise, all of the pizzerias around Estonia have their own prices, opening times, etc. That’s why the whole program needs to be completely customizable—even the smallest details, and not just the radius. One key ingredient was user experience, as systems like these are truly successful only if they are easy to use. So, we went directly to the source: talking to pizzerias to find out how they actually work. We also thoroughly researched the business side and, as a result, delivered an admin interface through which the admin can customize the whole page, from changing the menu up to the point where they can create new pizzerias, manage workers, and even change the content on banners.

As it’s an ongoing project, we continue to support their team with new features, marketing materials, and everything they need in the digital field.


The first version of the website and ordering system was released in June 2020, and we still have our apron on, working on making the best pizza ordering system out there.

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