Rebranding for Peetri Pizza

Adding more flavour to an Estonian Pizza titan with a rebrand

Brand Development, Art Direction, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Project Management


Peetri Pizza was founded in 1990 and has now successfully opened around 50 pizzerias all over Estonia. They are big in the Estonian market, selling over 1.2 million pizzas per year. In 2020, they decided to take their company to another level and approached us for help. The 30-year-old brand needed some modernization to appeal to a younger audience, and so the team of Peetri Pizza took upon a major challenge to rebrand themselves. The project itself was huge—including both branding and digital systems.

Our work with Peetri Pizza first started with rebranding. While rebranding typically means updating only a visual identity, the Peetri Pizza team wanted to rebrand their whole service experience, starting with the way customers are greeted to renewing the interior design in all of their pizzerias and eventually rebranding all brand materials. We kept the logo for both practical and nostalgic reasons and built a new solution around it. We brought out colors in existing visuals and mixed the original 90s Peetri Pizza vibe with modern ways.

As a result, we created a new brand system including menus, attire, pizza boxes, and coffee cups, banners, badges, and everything else you can think of that one respectable pizzeria needs. The work continues and we are happy to be part of such a major process.