Management & Manufacturing

A simple, intuitive and a pleasantly bright user interface design has helped our customers to arrange their funeral ceremonies without additional stress. The solution is good at easing the heavy burden at the most difficult time.

From the product side, the new solution has given us the chance to bring new digital opportunities to funeral services in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden.
Lauri Maldre, CEO Tallinna Krematoorium AS


  • Working our way through a complex mix of technical and business requirements.
  • Looking for automation and optimization opportunities in existing processes.
  • Involving all key stakeholders in the planning process to meet the expectations.
  • Delivering scalable and secure solutions that are backward compatible.
  • Encouraging the client to think outside of the box.


  • Diving into business goals, key stakeholders and expected outcome.
  • Mapping user journeys with their key characteristics and expectations.
  • Drafting service flows to discover new opportunities for business development.
  • Prototyping and testing the feasibility of the designed solution before moving on to agile development process.
  • Heavy testing – cross-browser, cross-device, functional testing, security tests.
  • Pro-active support & helpdesk.


20% faster service

20% faster service and shorter waiting lines mean that 20% more customers can be served during the workday.

Decreasing unnecessary communication

50% decrease in unnecessary direct P2P communication. It now takes less time to sync information between parties.

Serving more clients with the same amount of time

+2 new client representatives can now serve multiple clients simultaneously.