Rebranding for Macenta Beans

Rebranding that Supercharged the Coffee Farmers Community of Guinea - The story of Macenta Beans

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Marketing Materials


Macenta Beans produces unique Fine Robusta coffee beans. As Macenta region benefits from ideal geographical and microclimatic conditions that ensure the growth of high-quality Fine Robusta, there is no need for wasteful artificial irrigation due to the rainy season. Since Guinea is the closest coffee- exporting country from Africa, Macenta Beans Robusta coffee has the smallest carbon footprint. Coffee provides opportunities for families and communities in the Macenta region and brings hope to the majority of farmers in region.

How did we help?

Macenta Beans team wanted to have a visual brand that would feel polished, modern and trustworthy. They needed the rebranding to be recognised locally and create a sense of unity within the community. Also, as they are planning a big crowdfunding campaign, the design had to be attractive and appealing for the crowdfunding donators. They asked us to create a brand that would have strong West African influences, but also have Scandinavian flair. We developed a brand inspired by the strong cultural heritage, to bring them into everyone’s attention and make locals want to join in their community. We were truly honoured to be able to take part in a movement in Guinea, that creates jobs, revenue and improves the wellbeing of the whole region of Macenta.


The rebranding has brought Macenta Beans closer to the local community. They recognise Nimba and are proud to be a part of the organisation. More and more farmers are joining the project. With the help of the branding, Macenta Beans has managed to signal that they are serious about the project and that they are part of the community. The project is growing rapidly, and Macenta Beans can hire more people to process their unique Robusta coffee. Each employee they hire adds to the financial safety of the whole family, which in Macenta consists of family members and wider circle of relatives.

In our intense collaboration, all our expectations were exceeded. We felt that our comments were always taken seriously and were happy to get fresh ideas. Communication was always very professional, the output was proficient and the deadlines were respected. Looking forward to our next collaboration!
Relika Stoppel Macenta Beans
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