Corporate website for Elblox

A brand-new website to promote the business, attract investors, and find new team members

Workshops & Interviews, Art Direction, Illustrations, Web & Interaction design, Front-End Development


In 2018, Elblox was founded as a spin-off of Axpo Group with the mission of making green energy accessible to everyone. Their white-label energy transaction solution enables customers to operate a regional marketplace for green electricity, engage in a digital user journey, and leverage smart meter technology. This takes the client relationship to a whole new level of interaction. Elblox smart products follow a simple but beautiful design to create easy, fast, transparent, and secure solutions, and also make going 100% green as simple as possible.

During our partnership with the Elblox team, we have worked on both their energy transaction platforms and their corporate website.


  • Effortlessly communicate what Elblox has to offer, to increase conversion.
  • New visual language to show Elblox as secure and reliable in order to raise confidence in their service.
  • Demonstrate the tools and the marketplace capabilities to show that their services are accessible for everyone.


The project was kicked off by gathering the client stakeholders in a workshop format. Fun fact: We did this over a call! We then defined the B2B personas, target positions, selling points, and a journey map of the new lead.

We combined a minimalist style with custom illustrations to explain the nature of their service in a simple yet effective way. No unnecessary chit-chat—just everything that needed to be said to introduce their mission, talk about the solutions, and build trust, which is essentially everything in this field.


There’s more to sustainability than just recycling and switching from plastic bags to paper ones, it’s also about sustaining the human existence in the long run. By designing an accessible decentralized digital platform for fair green energy trade, we are able to decrease the carbon footprint for generations to come.

  • Elbox has increased their reach by defining clearly what they can do for businesses, private producers, and energy utilities.
  • The new site has helped increase the applications of highly qualified workforce by having a more professional look.
  • Time from the first contact to onboarding the client has decreased.
Working with gotoAndPlay & NOPE is a great experience. They combine strong skills in design and user experience with excellent project management and software engineering. Our new company homepage has a positive effect on our marketing and sales as well as hiring new team members.
Yves Schönenberger, CEO and Co-Founder Elblox
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