Branding and Web design for Geomining

Branding and web design for a SaaS tool to review differences and changes in 3D model-based datasets.

Art Direction, Visual Identity System, Illustration, Project Management, Web Design, Front-end, Back-end


Geomining is a compilation of 57 years of accumulated industry experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Project Management, and Manufacturing.
GEM understands how the Automotive/ Aerospace/ Defense industry succeeds and fails. They have a platform to validate, collaborate, review differences and changes in 3D and 2D model-based datasets. The goal is to make the review process faster and easier through automation and tools enabling users to focus their time where it will have the largest impact.
They reached us to create a brand experience that reflects their unique niche. Later to be taken online to be used on their website, on their product, etc.


Geomining brand is built using word-scapes that highlight the odd one out – subtle changes in their visuals, using alternate glyphs. The seemingly simple colour palette is spiced up with some funky names like “almost black”, “definitely white”, “kinda gray”, “maybe green”. Colourful grains complement the dark UI while hinting at the otherworldly and immensely complicated space where Geomining operates. As the company grows and their needs change over time, we built them a modular content management system based on WordPress. So it would be easy to create custom layouts for new pages with the said modules.


While Lottie Files (animated JSON files) are great to play with, cute to look at – they contain a lot of data – thus affecting the performance of the site.
Our biggest challenge was how to optimize these seemingly small files – loading and showing them only when certain conditions are met, so no unnecessary bits and bites are ever loaded. Our great minds worked together and we can see the smooth result at


We had a fantastic design, cool Lotties, and a lot of geometrical design elements that needed to be put on the page.
Since our customer’s goal is to automate as much as possible, we wanted to bring that mindset also to the webpage. So it could be easy to use for the web page administrator and convenient for the visitor.

NOPE has the ability to understand deep technical content and with that knowledge create balanced web content to address an audience ranging from deep-dive engineering up to visionary executive visitors. The NOPE team not only consists of your typical project managers and artists but also, key point, they speak the language of IT as the target audience is tech-based. I’ve never in my experience, encountered such a tech-savvy Brand Identity and Marketing company. Our team had fun during our engagement.
Kensuke Tashiro, CEO and Co-Founder Geomining OÜ
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