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Selling high-end real estate with a high-end website

Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Project Management


The historical Volta factory building is undergoing a contemporary makeover that will combine its authentic industrial exterior with a timelessly stylish loft interior. The client being the most renowned developer in Estonia, they had quite high standards that the website needed to meet.


Combining high-end branding by loovvool and web experience design by 2ood, our development team delivered a breathtaking web experience for characterful home seekers. It took us almost two months (and two full-time developers) to achieve the fine-tuned result that we were all satisfied with; meeting the needs from design with performance in mind definitely pushed some boundaries.


  • As all lofts are sold out, the project can be considered a success.


  • The Golden Egg Design Award - Gold in Web Design Category
  • Awwwards - Honorable mention
  • CSS Design Awards - Site of the day
As a client we have very high expectations and with gotoAndPlay we know that even our wildest ideas become reality. “No” is a word, which just doesn’t belong to their vocabulary. Would highly recommend them not only for their skills but also their determination, punctuality and helpful attitude. Just about as good as it gets!
Maarja-Linda Taur, Creative Director Endover
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