Feedback from clients

We have collected testimonies of our collaboration over the past couple of years.

gotoAndPlay is reliable and high quality engineering partner. Open to do multiple rounds of testing and onboarding with us to find a fit. Both developers we worked with where sharp, clean and on point. More importantly bought initiative and went a bit extra which isn't normal for an agency.
Hesh Fekry, President CXL
Speed, attitude, skills! Could not be happier with the team at gotoAndPlay. In addition to excellent project management, engineering and design, they have a great mindset. Always going the extra mile, researching into best technologies and providing useful insights. And they work really fast!
Anna Penne, Marketing & Communications manager Certific
We have collaborated with gotoAndPlay on various projects for several years and the experience has been great. They are incredibly smart and experienced in their field and are our go-to partners for new projects. Their knowledge has been invaluable when forming our ideas into actual working products and they have stood by us even trough some rather complex times.
Andres Kauts, Founder Elektriteater
Working with gotoAndPlay has been a total blast! We had a very challenging situation with a website project, which was mishandled by another company. We felt frustrated and tired of incompetence. Once Ardo, the CEO of Play, took over everything started to work and order was created out of chaos. They are unbelievably forthcoming, creative, reliable and professional.
Liisa Maimon, Co-founder Somananda
The sky is the limit. As a client we have very high expectations and with gotoAndPlay we know that even our wildest ideas become reality. “No” is a word, which just doesn’t belong to their vocabulary. Would highly recommend them not only for their skills but also their determination, punctuality and helpful attitude. Just about as good as it gets!
Maarja-Linda Taur, Creative Director Endover
Our cooperation has been agile – we plan together and they complete assignments quickly and at a high level of quality. They adjust themselves to our company’s processes. They have a lot of experience and thus they are able to teach the client to make better decisions
Rait Vagula, Web team lead Telia Estonia
Working with gotoAndPlay is a great experience. They combine strong skills in design and user experience with excellent project management and software engineering. Working together with them as a team we have been able to deliver complex and innovative web applications and SaaS platforms in time and quality.
Yves Schoenenberger, CEO Elblox
Hardworking, fun & ready to adopt new technologies. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with gotoAndPlay. They are everything we were looking for in a collaboration: friendly, professional and fast. We are very happy with the quality of their front-end implementation, not to mention they were also willing to adopt new technologies specially for our project! We are positively impressed – totally recommend!
Karen Roosileht, Counder and CEO
A simple, intuitive and a pleasantly bright user interface design has helped our customers to arrange their funeral ceremonies without additional stress. The solution is good at easing the heavy burden at the most difficult time. From the product side, the new solution has given us the chance to bring new digital opportunities to funeral services in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. The system can be customized according to the funeral traditions, business size and regional regulations.
Lauri Maldre Krematoorium
Play and Nope was an amazing partner. I hired them to help me with a complete rebrand of my company, as well as design and build the new website. As the owner of a small business, this brand is very important to me, because it’s personal. Play and Nope’s talented designers, project managers, and developers helped clarify my vision of what I wanted this brand and site to be, and then they brought it to life. I am extremely happy with the end product. I look forward to a continued relationship with Play and Nope and highly recommend them for anyone who needs help building a new brand or website.
Justin Bariso, CEO EQ Applied
Our collaboration was excellent despite the 200km distance between us, as all communication was over video calls. We have received our fresh e-commerce site just as bold as we had hoped and now it has also become an eye cherry for our Central European clients.
Mauri Abner, Partner Radis
We felt like NOPE designers were a part of our team. We could turn to them to ask for an opinion or help with anything. After the project it was like someone was missing from our daily work.
Oliver Vesi, Head of Marketing Katana ERP
Our partners’ feedback on the design of the website has been 110% positive. Everything is praised, starting with a Nordic clean design and ending with how everything is natural, easy to use and intuitive for the user.
Siim Alatalu, Director EU Cybernet
In our intense collaboration, all our expectations were exceeded. We felt that our comments were always taken seriously and were happy to get fresh ideas. Communication was always very professional, the output was proficient and the deadlines were respected. Looking forward to our next collaboration!
Relika Stoppel Macenta Beans
NOPE and gotoAndPlay helped us create a strong foundation for our MyFinancier web application. It was very pleasant to work with a team that was always ready to work together with us to create solutions that are somewhat outside of the traditional boundaries. We can definitely recommend NOPE and gotoAndPlay to others because they are trustworthy and excellent at what they do. They do their work with passion and this is reflected in the results.
Kadri Mäsak, CEO MyFinancier
NOPE has the ability to understand deep technical content and with that knowledge create balanced web content to address an audience ranging from deep-dive engineering up to visionary executive visitors. The NOPE team not only consists of your typical project managers and artists but also, key point, they speak the language of IT as the target audience is tech-based. I’ve never in my experience, encountered such a tech-savvy Brand Identity and Marketing company. Our team had fun during our engagement.
Kensuke Tashiro, CEO and Co-Founcer Geomining
The fresh out of oven brand has given us new energy. There is no doubt that Bauhub is a necessary and innovative product, but now it can also be communicated externally. Our users and partners have given us a lot of positive feedback, they appreciate the fact that besides being a good tool, Bauhub also now has a face to go with the name. Another point of positive feedback is that the new website is clear and informative and even the casual visitor can now have a clear understanding of what Bauhub is about.
Teet Parts, CEO Bauhub
I just wanted to take time to let you know that I'm very happy with you and what your team provides to our project! I should tell this more often and I realize I have been focusing a lot and very busy with several things that it slipped my mind.
Tommy Back, CTO Naoo
I was in need for a website to showcase my films, the projects I had finished, was working on and was planning. It needed to make the visitor curious, but it also needed to inspire myself to continue to work on the site and add new material. This is what NOPE made for me. I gave them materials and criteria, they gave me a website which makes clear at a glance the kind of work I make and with which I can work myself in a playful way.
Helga Merits Merits Production