A new website for Roofit.Solar

An equally powerful and impactful digital platform mirroring the innovation and sustainability of Roofit.Solar's solar roofs

Project Management, Web Design, UX/UI, Front-End Development, Back-End Development


  • Their page speed index surged by 385%, enhancing website performance, and aligning with the modern, technologically advanced image sought.
  • Page conversion rates spiked by 357%, signifying the website's effectiveness in engaging and retaining users through strategic video and animation placements.
  • Time spent on the website increased by 31%, indicating improved user engagement and a positive response to the design and functionality.
  • The mobile-friendly design ensured accessibility across all devices, contributing to overall project success.


  • The Golden Egg Design Award - Bronze for the best in the Digital/Homepage category
  • Architecture & Design Collection Awards - Silver in the Website Design & User Experience category


Roofit.Solar stands out in the solar roofing industry by blending solar tech with top-notch roofing materials. They’re all about sustainability and innovation, going beyond regular building supplies to offer top-tier solar roof solutions. Before, their old website didn’t quite reflect their vision and product. 

When they reached out to us, they wanted a change in how people saw their brand. They wanted a new online look to boost their brand, transitioning from mere building material manufacturers to providers of innovative solar roof solutions. Their vision for the new website emphasized modernity, cleanliness, and a distinctive “wow” factor. They wanted it to look as novel and advanced as their product. 


In December 2021, the project commenced with initial inputs, awaiting the completion of the client’s CVI (Corporate Visual Identity) before moving forward. By May 2022, we collaborated on a joint proposal for design and development. Our primary aim was to substantially elevate the existing website’s visual appeal and effectiveness in showcasing Roofit.Solar’s award-winning products. The client aimed to increase brand awareness and expand into new markets. 

Our collaborative journey with Roofit.Solar was guided by a clear vision and effective communication. Their proactive involvement and trust in our creative process facilitated a seamless collaboration.

The client sought a modern, sleek design and provided examples to capture their desired aesthetic. We iterated until we achieved complete satisfaction, ensuring adherence to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards for a visually appealing and user-friendly website. The project was focused on integrating videos and 3D animations seamlessly into the design for an immersive user experience. Though we didn’t create these elements, our task was to skillfully incorporate them without overshadowing the website’s content.

The first launch took place in November 2022, marking the project’s completion without immediate plans for further development. The new website not only fulfilled but surpassed the initial project objectives.


The transition from hourly to daily pricing for tasks during this project initially disrupted the established workflow. However, our team swiftly adapted, recalibrating task management strategies to ensure efficient completion within the agreed timeframe. The initial adjustment period tested the team’s flexibility but ultimately led to a more streamlined approach to task execution.

Implementing a homepage animation linked to mouse scrolling emerged as one of the most intricate technical challenges in this project. This feature’s complexity required an exceptional level of precision and testing to ensure flawless operation, enhancing the website’s overall user experience. 

Incorporating videos and 3D animations posed some more challenges in seamlessly integrating these elements within the website’s design. Precise attention to detail was crucial to harmonize these elements with the overall aesthetic. Strategically placing these components to maximize their impact without overshadowing the website’s content was an important task during this project. 

Furthermore, balancing a visually appealing design with the diverse needs of users required thoughtful consideration at every stage of the design and development process. Achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and accessibility demanded continuous refinement and extensive testing.

While the collaboration with the client was entirely positive, aligning creative visions and managing expectations posed occasional challenges. Ensuring that the final design resonated with the client’s brand identity while embodying modernity and innovation demanded multiple iterations, active communication, and a deep understanding of the client’s objectives.

The new website has done a great job of enhancing our brand value. Previously, we were seen simply as a manufacturer of building materials, now, thanks to our new positioning, we stand out as a provider of complete solutions for solar roofs. This change was necessary given the growing trend of people wanting to get everything from one place. The new design supports our innovative and high-quality image, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve!
Meelis Reiman, Growth Marketer Roofit.Solar

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