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Back in 2016, the client approached us with an idea for a product with a great vision and mission: to help teachers succeed as private education professionals. It was pointed out that there is a huge community of teachers who are working two jobs just to make ends meet. By offering them the possibility to earn more in their own field, is definitely helping to solve the very concerning problem.

The goal was to create a powerful tool for the teachers that can schedule appointments, accept payments, and automate the marketing process. The tool needed to be fast, reliable, and easy to use, both for the teachers and their students.


Together with a back-end developer and a product owner on the client side, we started to work on the front-end side of the product. We analyzed the needs and worked on figuring out the best technology stack for the situation. Although we had some previous experiences building Angular applications, we decided to go with Aurelia—blazing rendering speed and great memory efficiency with rich core capabilities. It offered us something new to learn from, too!

Four months later, we had the initial version of the product completed, but it didn’t see much active use by teachers. However, this was something that the client was able to use to gather real feedback from end users and come up with new features for upcoming releases. So, the work continued for the next nine months until it had the essentials for everyday use. From there, the bird was ready to leave the nest. Today, the client has a bigger team, and they are fine-tuning the product week after week.


Having a really passionate product owner is definitely a must-have for a product to succeed. In a year, we built a product that helps to save up to seven hours per week and creates the possibility of earning up to 30% more per month!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with gotoAndPlay. They are everything we were looking for in a collaboration: friendly, professional and fast. We are very happy with the quality of their front-end implementation, not to mention they were also willing to adopt new technologies specially for our project! We are positively impressed – totally recommend!
Karen Roosileht, Founder
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