Modern E-commerce Design for Design Furniture Creators

We worked with Radis to design a modern e-commerce solution for their evergrowing product selection

Project Management, Art Direction, Web & Interaction Design, UX/UI Design


Radis started as a family business making and selling high quality and long-lasting garden furniture. They quickly realised that in the modern world environmentally friendly and sustainable plywood furniture is the way to go. They were not wrong. Today most of their production crosses borders and Estonian design has won hearts in Germany, France and UK.

With the growth came higher demands to the website that couldn’t accommodate the load and was lacking in the visual department, which cost them a lot of customers.


Their product selection has grown generously over the years, so it was only natural to create a design solution that has no limitations on the product amount, types, collections etc. So that Estonian furniture design can conquer the world via the web and the web design can make it through time and growth.

Estonian born Radis and their plywood designed furniture was a perfect match with clean and minimalist Scandinavian design. So we opted for a calm creme palette to convey warmth and calmness which is repeated in different product categories and collections.


The biggest challenge was creating a customization tool that helps customers design their own unique pieces of furniture. As an example of the NOBLE series, you can change almost everything: size, layout, colours, handles, legs and wood finish.

Part of the solution was making shipping management understandable for everyone, so it is not overwhelming and bothersome. There are a lot of details like which countries get free shipping, which get assembly help or how to retrieve the item from the pick-up point.


Our goal was to create a website that accommodates Radis’s growing collection, make an interface that is user friendly and intuitive and provide the know-how for products to shine out.


  • Refreshed global positioning
  • User-friendly modern website
  • Well structured content
  • Well-thought through e-commerce functionality
  • Growth in trustworthiness
  • Decreased time in cart flow
  • Design handoff included a scalable library of design tokens, so in case the need arises to develop new modules, the team has the tools.
Our collaboration was excellent despite the 200km distance between us, as all communication was over video calls. We have received our fresh e-commerce site just as bold as we had hoped and now it has also become an eye cherry for our Central European clients.
Mauri Abner, Partner Radis OÜ
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