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A website transformation for Lamberts Baltics to foster healthier habits in their customers

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Lamberts Baltics, a prominent player in the food supplement industry in Estonia, went on a transformational journey to update their online presence, redefine their brand identity, and change how they engage with their customers. The company, catering to retail and wholesale customers, recognized the need to create a website that not only showcased their extensive product range but also embodied their core values of quality, transparency, and customer-centricity.

They not only wanted to showcase their products but they also wanted to emphasize customer education, aiming to enrich lives through health and lifestyle insights – for that they needed a thorough website transformation. Entrusting us with their vision, Lamberts Baltics turned to us to bring all their ideas to life.

The Website Transformation Process

The main goal was to highlight Lamberts Baltics’ core values, such as the assurance of clinically proven quality, the efficacy of ingredients, and the transparent manufacturing process. The client aspires to be more than just a supplement vendor – they aim to deliver value and inspiration for cultivating a healthy lifestyle for every visitor of their website. This guiding principle laid the foundation for the entire design and development process of this project.

The process began with us gaining a thorough grasp of Lamberts Baltics’ vision and objectives. This initial stage involved in-depth discussions with the client, enabling us to understand their goals, target audience, and desired user experience. With a clear picture in mind, we started crafting a visual identity that blended contemporary aesthetics with the brand’s already-established legacy. The idea was to create a balance that was both fresh and daring while still honoring the brand’s reputation. 

Fundamental to the new website was the concept of the Lamberts Health Academy , seamlessly integrated throughout the platform. This strategic addition aimed to offer users more than just product purchases – it sought to provide recommendations and insights into why and how certain choices are beneficial for one’s well-being. The website was structured to blend commerce with education, reflecting Lamberts Baltics’ holistic approach to health. Along with the Health Academy, a supplement guide was created, which necessitated the development of an interactive quiz engine that seamlessly guided users to personalized product recommendations based on their goals and needs. 

Challenges During the Project

While designing the new website, the incorporation of vibrant elements like blobs, adorned with engaging fun facts and information, brought on a layer of innovation. It wasn’t just about aesthetics – these colorful elements were accompanied by educational snippets of information. However, achieving the right balance between informative content and maintaining an appealing design presented a bit of a challenge. 

During the development process, a valuable learning point emerged from the fact that the website needed to cater to a diverse range of pricing structures. This involved implementing separate pricing models for retail and wholesale customers, accommodating multiple pricing groups, and integrating campaign solutions. Moreover, it was essential to carefully tailor the checkout process to cater to various types of customers. Operating in multiple countries introduced further complications, including distinct tax groups, various payment and shipping methods, and multilingual support. Lastly, the extensive product catalog, along with numerous variations and options, also required careful management. All this demanded meticulous attention to detail and lots of testing to ensure a smooth user experience and a user-friendly interface. 

Another complexity arose with the development of the supplement guide – a tool that recommends products based on individual preferences and needs. The development of this tool was an intriguing challenge that involved constructing modular building blocks to facilitate the implementation of the complex logic for the developers. The product recommendation engine had to offer genuine value to users while being sophisticated enough to cater to diverse needs effectively. Through interactive quizzes and tailored recommendations, the client is now guided to the right product that fits their needs. 

To optimize performance, implementing a versatile cache system, including personalized caching for logged-in users, was essential. Additional complexities included customized invoice emails and PDFs, as well as data migration from the previous store for existing users across multiple instances based on countries.


  • The new Lamberts Baltics website seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the brand's traditional legacy, offering a sense of premium distinction.
  • The supplement guide introduces an engaging avenue for users to discover personalized product recommendations based on their goals and needs.
  • The website now provides in-depth insights into product details, manufacturing processes, certifications, and authentic customer testimonials, reinforcing transparency and fostering trust.
  • Beyond product promotion, the website now serves as an educational hub, passing on high-quality health-related insights and advice on the Lamberts' Health Academy page.
  • The complex checkout process was elegantly streamlined, offering tailored pricing, payment options, and shipping preferences for different customers and regions.

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