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Designing and developing an archive for storing the most inspiring creative solutions

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The Background

The Golden Egg is an esteemed advertising and marketing competition that has been held in Estonia for many decades. It’s known for being one of the oldest and most respected creative festivals in the country, and winning a Golden Egg award is a significant achievement for any design agency. Every year they recognize outstanding creative work in advertising and marketing across various design categories. The best submissions get awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Special Eggs. 

Over the years, the Golden Egg has accumulated a vast archive of all the work submitted from 1998 to 2022. This archive represents a rich history of advertising and marketing solutions that have helped shape the design industry in Estonia. However, preserving and organizing this extensive archive had become a significant challenge for the organizers of the competition. They recognized that these fantastic designs and creative solutions need an equally great and accessible place to store them, and that’s where we came into the picture!

The Process and Challenges

We were approached by TULI, the Estonian Marketing Association, the organizer of the Golden Egg competition, and the owner of the archive, to help them create an efficient system with an updated design and functionality for storing and accessing all the awarded submissions. We worked closely with the client to develop a custom solution meeting all their needs and requirements.

The process started with mapping out the user experience and marketing goals while keeping the already existing historical data intact. The idea behind the user experience is simple – to allow visitors to find relevant talent or a certain project through various filters and keywords. The client requested that the website design meets two criteria – the awarded designs should be clearly visible and the website should be in line with the Golden Egg’s branding.

In addition to maximizing the contrast between the creative works and the background, our design team’s choice of a dark navy theme also conveyed an “old archive” vibe. The website design also features some hidden fried egg and chicken illustrations, which add a playful touch to the overall aesthetic.

Now it was our developers’ challenge to turn the designs into a reality. First, it was necessary to pick the proper framework that could handle thousands of projects with videos, pictures, and other information in different formats throughout the decades. The second challenge was migrating all the submissions to the new archive.

We got the raw data from the old archive in JSON format – some of it was broken or incomplete and needed to be fixed in cooperation with the previous developer. What made things even more complicated were all the different kinds of Egg awards given in the early years of the competition. In the beginning, there were many more award categories than there are now, and those needed to be filtered and re-categorized during the development process.

We worked closely with the client to ensure that all the details, including project names, submitters, files, and clients, were accurately sorted and placed in appropriate categories, despite potential name changes over the years. Due to these factors, this project required extra care and attention to ensure a successful outcome.

Future Plans

The Golden Egg Archive is an ever-evolving project that is constantly being improved upon. While it already represents a significant achievement in preserving the rich history of advertising in Estonia, our client recognizes the importance of gathering feedback from creative agencies to ensure that the archive remains a valuable resource for the years to come.

We also have some exciting plans for this project that we look forward to sharing in the future. We believe that the Golden Egg Archive has the potential to be an even more valuable resource for the marketing industry in Estonia, and we are committed to helping our client realize this vision. Stay tuned!

After 4 years of collaborating with the gotoAndPlay & NOPE team, I am still amazed and inspired by their courage to take on projects that even on paper seem immensely complicated and then some. Thank you for creating the most important site for creative advertising people, building a legacy and a practical tool for many years to come!
Anniken Haldna, CEO TULI
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