A Technical Platform for Cybersecurity Experts and Stakeholders – CynAct

CynAct is a technical platform, which brings together cybersecurity experts and stakeholders in EU CyberNet community

Project Management, UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Devops


The EU CyberNet is a project led by the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) in a consortium with authorities from Finland, Germany, and Luxembourg that aims to create a network of cyber experts and establish a community of stakeholders. EU Cybernet’s online presence combines two things: the first and most visible part is their website (read more here ), the second is their technical platform called CynAct for member experts and stakeholders. CynAct acts as a platform where information, experiences, and knowledge can be exchanged through Calls for Action (CFAs) for the benefit of cyber capacity building in partner countries.


The main goal for the MVP platform was to create a solution safe enough that even cyber security experts would dare to use it. That being said, our mission was to create an MVP solution for the technical platform, which would support critical functions such as joining the network and browsing all relevant calls for actions listed by member stakeholders. The platform has two views – the admin view, where EU CyberNet’s admins can manage the call for actions, experts, and stakeholders; and the public view where members can log in to manage their profile and either list calls for actions or show interest to them.


The process was similar to creating EU CyberNet’s website – we started with the UX/UI phase, during which we interviewed stakeholders and experts to find out about their expectations and goals towards the platform. We followed the process of mapping and designing the user journeys based on the feedback we got in the analysis phase.

In the development phase, our front-end and back-end development process followed the RIA’s thorough rules for cybersecurity. To support the critical business functions, the MVP uses Laravel API and ElasticSearch integrations.

Similar to the website, the technical platform has two views – to the outside world, the public view for members is a static mirror of a dynamic site created by administrators in the internal network. In this way, all the potential security holes in the Content Management System have been minimized.

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